Mariantònia Oliver

Bio EDIT Mariantònia Oliver started her dance career working with María Muñoz in La Dux from 1985 to 1998. In 1998 she formed her own company with the performance Ocho. She spent several years living and working in Barcelona, performing in Mark Tompkin's La PlaqueTournante and Tomas Aragay's Natural Piety. She was invited choreographer at the American Dance Festival and worked with Juan Márquez in the creation of the piece Ued and with Jordà Ferré in Benito Camela. She returned to Mallorca in 2000, working in a more socially committed field, curating a festival in a rural setting, embarking on long-term teaching projects as well as creative projects for her own company, for both adult and family audiences. She taught dance at the ESADIB (Balearic Islands School of Performing Arts) for seven years. She is also the driving force behind La Impossible, her space for education and creation in the performing arts. The company carries out regular educational and creative projects in schools, as well as work with people with functional diversity and older people, building Community dance and Social Inclusion projects for ten years. It has carried out two creative projects with La Caixa's Social Programme, working with women over the age of 70 and teenagers at risk of social exclusion. Cia Mariantònia Oliver has promoted EiMa Festival and EiMa Creació, a festival and a performing arts creation centre. EiMa is a creative project with a cooperative, participatory spirit. Linked to the Mallorcan town of Maria de la Salut, EiMa was born to create and promote creative processes which link the town with dance..