Las Muchísimas


Las Muchísimas is an inclusive dance-performance piece by seventeen women over the age of 60 who proudly express their diversity, experience and being without prejudice or dependence. With a rich sound space by Joana Gomila, Las Muchísimas dances with beauty, happiness and hope. Las Muchísimas we are all with our particularities and differences and, at the same time, with the essence of being all one. We are network, dialogue, generosity, empowerment, liberation, struggle, sensuality and traffic. WE ARE and ARE diverse bodies with their many particular syntaxes; talking bodies.

ROOM FORMAT In its room format is a 60-minute piece performed by seventeen women.

STREET FORMAT Las Muchísimas in its street format is a site-specific dance-performance piece that adapts to outdoor or indoor spaces of public space, to get directly involved with the visitor and establish interaction and complicity. This is the adaptation of the room piece and its duration is 20 min.

Ideally we would like to build a network of powerful, rich and experienced women with a lot to say and a desire to express themselves and, therefore, we want to count on the collaboration of women who live in the place where the performance is being presented. , in addition to part of our team for a good realization of the project. This means that a call should be arranged that includes 10 or more women over the age of 60 who want to be part of the experience. The process of integrating these performers is resolved in a three-day workshop, just before the day of performances, which includes body preparation and rehearsal for the presentation.

A production by the Teatre Principal de Palma with the collaboration of EiMA Creació, PTL Dance Theater Ljubljana and L’Animal a l’esquena.